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To reduce bullying in any school the focus needs to be on the behavior of the bystanders. At Reportbullying.com we offer the only proactive programs on behavioral solutions.
Through our Proactive Anti-Bullying Assemblies followed by our Report Bullying Follow-Up Program, Reportbullying.com is committed to transforming communities into a safer environment and providing students the opportunity to learn in a safe school environment.

Together with your company sponsorship and Reportbullying.com assembly and follow up program we can empower these young minds by educating them on the right thing to do as a bystander if they see any bullying happening at their school or in their community. We will educate bystanders to speak up to someone in authority. By taking this approach we can change the culture of the school. By educating bystanders we educate the entire school enrollment which empowers bystanders to stand up and say NO to bullying.

Our goal is to address the problem before it becomes a more serious one which can affect students, schools and communities. Every time a bad behavior happens it can eventually turn into a worse behavior. That is why our proactive program reduces bullying & violence.

Your sponsorship of Report Bullying Follow-up Programs will enable schools in providing an ongoing safe and caring school culture. As a sponsor, you will gain access to this large target market.

One thing is for sure, at ReportBullying.com we are continually updating and creating new programs to aid in reducing violence in our communities but we can't do it alone. We need your help. I trust that the following web pages will enlighten you further on our programs and how we look to you for involvement.
Thank you for your time in this matter and hope you will consider joining our team with your corporate sponsorship.

Please contact us for more information or concerns 1 866 333 4553
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